Introducing: Performance without PlasticTM.

Clarus is the secret to realizing the potential of natural fibers.
Sustainable textiles from a closed loop sustainable process
Performance that is more than just a promise
Elevating the role of recycled fibers
Natural fibers where only synthetics could go before

Conscious consumers are uncompromising…

So are we.

  • Peak performance
  • Moisture management
  • Responsible fibers
  • Durability


Performance, meet sustainability.

The secret to your success is in our science.

Our closed-loop chemistry process enables naturally plentiful materials - like cotton, hemp, and wool - to take new shapes and perform at new levels. This means synthetic-like performance but from 100% natural sources.

CLARUS checks every box.
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For you and for the earth

At Natural Fiber Welding, our mission is to create an abundant future that serves humanity and our environment alike. We seek a future where consumers, by being loyal to the brands they love, are not forced to compromise between quality, value, aesthetic, and environmental stewardship. CLARUS is the embodiment of these values.

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