With a force of nature nothing is impossible.

CLARUS® technologies are patented by Natural Fiber Welding, a material science company that is shifting the soft-goods material industry from petroleum dependence and linear life-cycles to plant-based inputs and inherent circularity.

Originally funded and incubated by the Department of Defense, the patented CLARUS® technology platform solves key material and manufacturing limitations for natural fibers: CLARUS® unlocks the ability to shape and format, allowing innovators and creators everywhere to turn  virgin and recycled plant fibers in high-performance materials.


We engineer natural materials for performance.

Through our closed-loop chemistry process, we manufacture categorically new, high-performance natural materials. No plastic needed. 

CLARUS®  enhances virgin fibers and revitalizes recycled fibers, giving them all the strength of the first time around.

We reshape natural materials for the planet.

We design material technologies for low environmental impact and transparency, from raw material feedstocks to end-products. 

When CLARUS® returns strength and tenacity to recycled fiber, resource demands for virgin fiber are reduced. When CLARUS® helps our brand partners displace synthetic plastic fibers, micro-plastics are kept from our oceans.

We reshape natural materials for an abundant future.

Our mission is to be stewards of material abundance, helping all of humanity prosper.

Our technologies not only can scale to meet global demand but can do so in a way that protects the planet and increases our collective quality of life.

If you’re a brand ready to experience what nature can do for you, send us a line. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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