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Natural Fiber Welding's patented CLARUS® platform solves the key performance and manufacturing limitation of natural fibers – their physical format.

Using green-chemistry principles and closed-loop processes we engineer performance textiles from virgin and recycled natural fibers.

We built the CLARUS® technology platform on the science of “‘welding’” fibers. CLARUS® drives extensive intermolecular bonding in natural polymers, effectively lengthening and strengthening natural fibers.

Before CLARUS®

Microscopic image of cotton yarn (lengthwise) before CLARUS® fiber welding: Frictional forces hold individual fibers together in the yarn.


Microscopic image of cotton yarn (lengthwise) after a particular type of CLARUS® fiber welding: With additional fiber to fiber bonding, we can increase the strength of the resulting yarn.

Raw Cotton
RS-30s-032 Raw yarn x100b cross

Microscopic cross-sectional view of cotton yarn before CLARUS® fiber welding: The structure of traditional spun (cotton) staple fiber yarns equates to poor moisture management and slow drying. 

Clarus Cotton

Microscopic cross-sectional view of cotton yarn after a particular type of CLARUS® fiber welding: CLARUS-engineered structural changes improve moisture management and drying time. 

Delivering on the qualities that consumers care most about.

Comprehensive Circularity garment-lifespan

Deliver on your sustainability goals with CLARUS®. CLARUS® makes it possible to manufacture performance apparel with recycled and virgin natural fibers. By retaining the all-natural polymeric properties of the input fibers, what starts as circular by nature can end as circular by nature. The CLARUS® technology and resulting products are 100% compatible with future chemical recycling technology that use cellulosic feedstocks. It’s a 360 improvement for your brand, your customers, and the world.

Moisture Management moisture-management

CLARUS® changes the game for sweat-wicking with natural textiles. By using hydrogen bonding networks to change the form factor and shape of natural yarns, CLARUS® improves the way natural materials absorb, transport, and evaporate moisture — a moisture management breakthrough to rival synthetics. For the first time ever, brands can create all natural, quick-drying apparel.

Improved Strength and Lifespan improved-strength

The CLARUS® platform drives extensive hydrogen bonding between natural fibers, resulting in performance-ready yarns and fabrics resistant to fraying, pilling, and abrasion damage. With CLARUS® behind your brand, your customers can trust your products are designed to last.

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